Why do we need to think differently?
Because we are the change. 

Sharing an idea has never been easier – yet it is has never been so complex. 

Times have changed and the communication strategies of yesteryear simply don’t work anymore. The archaic institutions of advertising, television, and print have been upended and replaced with this generation’s infinitely complex and organic platforms of social media and mobile devices. This transformation has resulted in an audience which is notoriously difficult to engage effectively. 

Until now.

A revolution in consumption requires a revolution in communication. We succeed in producing powerful content for today’s most relevant social media platforms because we conceive, produce, and convey content that is designed to perform on these channels. Authenticity has never been more important and it is the founding notion of our production house. As a team, we utilize a start-to-finish strategy to conceptualize and deliver content destined to succeed by tapping into the values, passions, places, and personalities that define our generation. 


Inspired Content Alliance - A synergy and partnership in adventure featuring amazing personalities, influencers, and compelling stories. Be part of an idea, movement, or story that you truly believe in. Participate in a creative synergy by aligning your brand’s values during a process of co-creation with the people, stories, and empowering ideals that show your true colors. 

Custom Branded Multi-Channel Content - You have an amazing story. We work closely with you to help convey your story in the way that it was meant to be told; with passion, energy, conviction, and accessibility. Together, we produce content that is destined to share your message though the multitude relevant platforms from Instagram to Facebook, VR and Snapchat.

Full-Scale Production Services - Let’s have a Field Day and work with you from start-to-finish to realize your artistic vision utilizing the full capacities of our production team/studio. We have the finest producers, directors, editors, and post-production staff available. We never pack our productions with superfluous fluff, allowing us to always reach an impressively reasonable bottom line while going above and beyond. 


Pre-Production & Conception -> Production -> Post-Production -> Activation

  1. Brainstorming and Conception - Goal Assessment and Alliance Creation 
  2. Communication Planning/Brand Design/Media Campaign 
  3. Pre-production Planning
  4. Execution - Field Day 
  5. Post-Production - Editing/Packaging
  6. Activation - Social Media Push/Advertising/Influencer Sharing 
  7. Monitoring, Evaluating, and Reacting - Did we reach our goal?


Social Media Content Conception - Production - Creation

  • Instagram/Facebook Videos 
  • Produced and Curated Live Stories 
  • Brand Video Reel -Website/Social Media 
  • Professional Full-Rights Photographic Content for Web/Social
  • Animated Content Creation and Infographics
  • VR/360 Immersive Technologies
  • Complete Consultation Packages

Communication/Social Media Strategy Consulting

  • Development of a Communication Plan
  • Integration with Influencers
  • Content Production
  • Activation
  • Monitoring and Analytics 

Full-Scale Production House Capacities

  • Pre-production (Scripting/Storyboarding/Location)
  • Production (Producing, Direction, and Cinematography)
  • Post-Production (Editing, Sound, Color, and SFX)


Field Day’s magic is deeply related to the fact that we are much more than just a standard production studio. We are a vast group of creative professionals with extensive experience in the adventure sports, arts, and fashion industries. Through our varied talents, we are able to draw upon the most respected established as well as up-and-coming talent, artists, designers, editors, activators, and production staff.

From start to finish, we have the technical resources to accompany every type of production from dream to conception and a successful activation. Our studio is stacked with cutting-edge camera equipment, editing stations, livecasting tools, drones, and studio space. Whether it’s a handheld live stream from a sports event or a multiyear feature length documentary, we will make it happen. 

So let’s have a Field Day. Where does your story start?