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from BIOCRUST with LOVE |  short film

“The origin of the word desert means something like ‘thing abandoned...’ But you just can’t get further from the truth. The desert is full of life; you just have to know where to look for it...”

- Dr. Krstina Young

We are very excited to release this short film directed by Sinuhe Xavier. This was a very special experience for us. Getting to learn about this microscopic life (also known as Biocrust), that live in the desert was fascinating. When Sinuhe told us about the project, we were immediately excited. ‘Let’s make learning cool,’ so the idea behind some of the shots and cadence was based on just that, ‘that film you watched in science class that put you to sleep, but we wanted to level it up a notch.’
You can watch the full film at the


A Film By: The Radavist / Director: Sinuhe Xavier / Starring: Kristina Young + John Prolly / EP: John Prolly + Chad Hilton / Producer: Sinuhe Xavier / Director of Photography: Nicholas Kalisz / Presented / By: Fox Racing / Edit + Post: TopTop Studio / Color: Cosmic Pictures + Dan Olsen / Music Score + Sound Mix + SFX: + Jeff Cormack / Illustration: Christy Bel

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